Jewelry & Watches

Chisel handles

White & Colour

Claw hammer Rubber Grip

Claw hammer Rubber Grip

Carpenter chisel

Shapes: Malabar, Firmer, Mortice, Pointer

Claw Hammer D/F

Claw hammer wooden handle Drop forged. All sizes

Claw hammer pipe handle

Claw hammer pipe handle

DC Wheels

Brands: samurai, NKK etc

File handles

Shapes: Steel Ring, Flat, Round Small


JK brand files All sizes

Hacksaw Blades

Brands: Steadler, Echo, Dolphin Etc. 1/2", 1" double edge

Hacksaw Frame fix PVC handle

Hacksaw Frame fix pvc handle

Hacksaw Frame Fix

Hacksaw Frame Fix

Hacksaw Frame Pipe

Hacksaw Frame Pipe

Hacksaw frame sq tube

Hacksaw frame sq tube

Hacksaw Frame Hobby

Hacksaw Frame Hobby

Mini Hacksaw Frame

Mini Hacksaw Frame

Sledge Hammer

Sledge Hammer All sizes


Brands: Addson, Global


Kalpani (Theppu palaka)


Karandy All sizes

Rubber Hammer

Rubber Hammer

Sledge Hammer Handled

Sledge Hammer Handled

Wire Brushes

Wire Brushes 1st, 2nd, PVC handled

Adjustable Wrench

Good quality wrenches available in various sizes

Flat Bits

Flat bits using for carpentory purpose. All sizes

G Clamps

Available in all sizes

Nut Driver set

Ordinary & Heavy

Oil Can

Super quality oil cans available in various sizes

Pipe Wrenches

Pipe wrenches available in various sizes

Plainer Blades

Plainer Blades

Plier Ordinary

Available in all sizes

Plumbob PVC Bush type

Sizes: No.6, 8, 10 etc.

Putty Blade Handled

Putty Blades Handled available in all sizes

Putty Blades

Putty blades available in 3",4" & 6" sizes

PVC Disc Plate

PVC Disc plate 5"

Screw Drivers

All items and sizes like star & Minus available

Silicon Guns

Silicon Gun Pati type Silicon Gun Cup type


Jaw spanners and Ring spanners are available in all sizes

Spirit Levels

Magnetic Spirit levels 12",18",24" PVC Spirit Levels 12"

Tin Cutters

Tin cutter All sizes

Try Squares

Good quality try squares in all sizes are available

Water Pump Plier Black with sleeve

Bright 10", Black with sleeve 10", Channel type 10"

Water Pumb Plier Bright

Water Pumb Plier Bright

Water Pump Plier Channel type

Water Pump Plier Channel type

Welding Glass

Welding Glass

Hand Riveter Bullet

Quality Hand riveter Bullet Brand

Handsaw Bullet

Handsaw Bullet Brand

Sheet Cutter

Sheet cutter 12" & 16"

Screw driver kit

Screw driver Kit 8 pcs

Kalpani Steel

Kalpani Steel

Claw Hammer Pipe Handle D/F

Claw Hammer Pipe Handle Drop forged

Claw Hammer Head D/F

Claw Hammer Head Drop Forged

Pincer D/F Sleeve

Pincer Drop Forged Sleeve type

Crimping tool

Crimping tool 8"

Electrician's Tool kit

Electrician's Tool Kit. 4pcs set

Garden Scissor

Garden Scissor

Hex Key set

Hex key set. 20pcs set

Knife set

Knife set 4 pcs

Precision Screw driver kit

Precision screw driver kit. 6pcs set

Scraper PVC hanlde

Scraper Pvc handle. Size: 2", 3", 4"

Spirit Level set

Spirit level set. 3pcs set

Hand Riveter

Hand Riveter Xtra Power brand


Chisel Hexagon with Grip, Chisel drop forged

Chipping Hammer

Chipping Hammer with rubber grip.

Gum Boot

sizes: 8", 9"

Strap Machine

Strap machine 1/2"

T Spanner

Sizes: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm

Wire Stripper

Wire Stripper


Jewelry & Watches

Brite O Metal Polish

For polish brass, SS, etc..

Flex Kwik

Flex kwik 15g & 20 g

M Seal super epoxy

M Seal super epoxy 10gm, 20gm, 40gm

M Seal

M Seals 25g 50g 90g 1kg 4kg 25g Phatap White 50g


Pidiproof LW 200ml, 1Lt, 5Lt, 10Lt Pidicrete URP 500g & 1kg

Roofing Compound

Sizes: 500g, 1kg, 5kg

Scot No.1

Powder 1kg, Liquid 100ml,1 Lt, 5 Lt

Silicon Sealant

Brands: Dr.Fixit & Parasilico Colours: White, Clear, Black

Silicon Sealant Parasilico

Silicon Sealant Parasilico

Cello Tapes

BOPP Tapes, White & Clear 50mtrs, 40 microns

Fast bond tape double sided

Fast bond tape double sided 3M brand. 1 1/4"x20M

Fevicol Marine

available packages: 125gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg, 2kg

Fevicol Wudfil

Fevicol wudfil 50gm

D Klog

D Klog Pidilite brand. 40 gm

Fevikwik Gel

Fevikwik gel 1gm & 20gm


packings: 500ml, 1Ltr

Zorrik 88

packings: 32gm, 60gm